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Immerse yourself in our ultra-soft, super-cozy wrap and magically feel the love, support, and warmth from those who care about you.

A perfect, meaningful gift for anyone (including yourself!) for any reason…or no reason at all. Each comes with a small pocket to hold a special, customizable note.*

We created MagicWrap to give to a dear friend. We wanted her to know – and feel – how special she was to us. That she was supported and loved. Celebrated. Soothed. Safe. She loved it! And and our small business was born.

*Click here for a preview of customizable card messages.

MagicWrap currently comes in two styles, which you can explore below.


Waffle Fleece is a soft, textured, lighter-weight fabric.
It comes with two keepsake pockets and two size options.
(click here to see a size comparison)


Cuddle Fleece is an ultra-soft and cozy fabric.
It comes with two keepsake pockets and two size options.
(click here to see a size comparison)

There is nothing like the experience of a MagicWrap. Nothing that makes you feel quite so special, celebrated, supported, and cared for. MagicWrap is ultra-soft and comes in three styles, two sizes, and several colors. 

Unlike a blanket, a slit cut up the middle ensures it wraps comfortably around you, won’t fall off and won’t feel bulky around the neck. (Check out the quick demo video from our co-creator Deirdre.) It is machine washable and anti-pill.

Each MagicWrap comes with a thoughtful, customizable note that fits right in the pocket. The note can be created using one of our templates or from scratch. Standard shipping anywhere in the U.S. is included with every MagicWrap purchase.

Our sincere thanks for sharing the magic. We are so humbled by the amazing support and appreciation we’ve been getting for our beloved product and our small business!

“Why MagicWrap is Better Than a Blanket”
– from Deirdre, our co-creator

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  • by magic.wrap 3 weeks ago
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our MagicWrap family to yours. :  @the .simple.pleasures
  • by magic.wrap 2 weeks ago
    Happy New Year! ✨ After such a unique year, I think we are all ready for 2021! Who else is wearing their MagicWrap to ring in the New Year? Whether your year is ending with laughter and friends, a kiss from your special person, or cuddled up with your special self we wish you all a wonderful evening.  #giftahug   #feelthelove   #sharesomemagic   #mymagicwrap   #cozygift   #betterthanablanket 
  • by magic.wrap 3 weeks ago
    The weather outside may be frightful (or some places, lovely!) but no matter the weather you can still enjoy it cozied up in a MagicWrap. ❄️☀️☃️ Still looking for the perfect gift but tight on time? We are now offering curbside pickup available for anyone within driving distance of San Diego through Christmas Eve! We also have a card downloadable on our website to print out and wrap to let your loved one know their MagicWrap is on the way. We hope you all are having a warm and cozy week! :  @dr .danaryan
  • by magic.wrap 4 days ago
    Favorite work-from-home outfit = cozying up in a MagicWrap. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠
  • by magic.wrap 6 days ago
    Our Cuddle Fleece Sky Blue MagicWrap is one of our most popular colors and styles and is ready to keep you cuddled up with material that is as soft as a cloud. ⁠⁠
  • by magic.wrap 2 weeks ago
    Starting this year by sending you all a little love. ⁠ We hope your year has started out full of promise, hope, and excitement for the future! We will be there to keep you cozy along the way!⁠ ⁠ :  @thisisreallifemama ⁠
  • by magic.wrap 2 weeks ago
    So excited to be featured on the awesome  @gohelpyourselfpodcast ! Turn up the sound for a quick listen Thanks so much to  @mistyrose  and  @itslinke  for featuring (and loving) MagicWrap!
  • by magic.wrap 2 days ago
    Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon than curled up in a MagicWrap with your favorite cozy beverage? ⁠ ⁠ Neither can we. ☕⁠ ⁠
  • by magic.wrap 1 week ago
    In case you needed to hear this today – it’s okay – and important - to take time for self-care. ⁠ ⁠ Self-care looks different for everyone, but chances are getting a cozy hug is a universally loved experience! ⁠
  • by magic.wrap 1 week ago
    Counting the days until we can start to give real hugs in person again! Until then - MagicWrap is here to deliver a comforting hug to the ones you love most.

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