About Us

Hello! We’re Deirdre and Jay Maloney, the proud co-creators of MagicWrap. We launched MagicWrap out of our San Diego home in spring of 2020, and have been enjoying this fun and wild ride ever since!

Our first idea for MagicWrap came in January 2020, when a beloved friend was dealing with some tough stuff. We wanted her to know – to feel – how much we cared about and supported her. We thought about buying her food or a book or some kind of special trinket, but nothing felt right.

In the end, we decided that giving her a cozy wrap to help her “magically” feel our hugs and support whenever she needed it was one of the most meaningful things we could do for her. When she told us how much MagicWrap meant to her, we decided to help other people give and receive the magic, too.

After checking out LOTS of fabric samples, picking our final color options and having more than few “discussions” about pockets, we launched MagicWrap – and our small business – into the world.

We appreciate your interest in MagicWrap, and believe it’s the perfect gift for anyone – including yourself – who would love to wrap themselves in cozy comfort.

Because, really, everyone deserves to feel hugged and cared for.

Thanks for visiting our site, and please contact us with any questions!

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